Karen Brost

After making an impressive splash among many of the fashion opinion leaders in Hollywood with her debut collection in A/W 08, Karen Brost returns to the stage of international fashion for her 2nd season with her stunning 40+ piece “Regal on the Riviera” collection for S/S 09. The American-born, London-based designer has, once again, managed to visually express her respect for women and her love of all things sexy, polished and glamorous in her newest designs.

As a very young child, Karen showed early signs of her future career by collecting scraps of fabric to make dramatic, attention-grabbing patchwork handbags for her mum. Meanwhile, between the days of childhood designs and launching Karen Brost London, Karen has worked for the likes of Hugo Boss, Ann Klein and Ann Taylor.

But Karen decided to branch out on her own because she is an artist who is most fulfilled when meeting a need. As she herself explains, the inspiration behind her collection “is nothing esoteric or idealistic... but rather a woman’s lifestyle that I felt wasn’t being addressed in the high end designer market. We’re trying to bridge the gap between ‘cheek and bleak.’ We’re 80% Timeless Classic and 20% Rock & Roll.” And based upon her success amongst private VIP clients, She has definitely found a need that wants meeting.

Her A/W debut collection became an immediate hit amongst the likes of Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosanna Arquette, and Melanie Griffith (who pre-ordered the entire winter collection.) Her designs are often seen at film premieres, press conferences, and in major Hollywood blockbusters. Olga Kurylenko, the newest Bond girl, was not seduced

by 007's tux, but immediately fell in love with the KBL Velvet Viking jacket and will be wearing the piece in premieres and press conferences for “Quantum of Solace”, the upcoming Bond film. In one season, brand associations have already been forged with Sunseeker yachts, Chaumet fine jewellery, Claridges hotel, Bentley, and many other luxury brands. Karen’s fan of the moment is the costume department of Hollywood’s newest and most-talked about hit, “Gossip Girls.” Watch for many of her unique pieces in upcoming episodes this season.

KBL’s success undoubtedly comes, in part, from Karen’s old-school art training combined with her seductive take on the style of today’s modern renaissance woman.  Her hand-drawn sketches of statuesque women in Karen’s designs could be sold as art in their own right, but she chooses to use them as a subtle, visual signature throughout her new collection instead. In addition, Karen creates her own bespoke prints by combining elements of art and design from history and cultures all over the world. In S/S 09, some of her customised prints are reproduced on light summer silks while other themes in the collection come in stunning solids in a range of colours; midnight blues to teal; and bright poppy red mixed with pinks and hyacinth blue. In a gorgeous visual representation of the season, sunny citron pressee is mixed with khaki, and, of course, in a true reflection of “Regal on the Riviera,” bolts and bolts of flawless crisp white cotton. Tailored summer jackets are all lined in lavender silk and bear a 6” KBL black satin embossed signature crest. Fit, colour, style and sophistication perfectly suit the sensual understated confidence of Karen’s global customer, the remarkable modern multi-dimensional woman.

Karen Brost
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